Ever since I started my journey as a full-figured Model and Content Creator back in 2013, I have cultivated my passion for vintage and explored each piece I modeled through visual storytelling. For me it has become way more than just modeling, as I am not your traditional agency model. I enjoy the fact that I am in control of the brands and designers that I decide to support and promote on my platforms. I stumbled upon the work of Champagne Corsets over a year ago on social media. I loved the fact that the brand was owned by one woman named Carol Stella and her mantra was : " Bespoke Corsets, wherever you are."

I was also touched by the fact that she believes in size inclusivity and creating one of a kind corsets that will make one feel extremely special and understood.


I have worn off the rack corsets for years and the corset that Carol made me is my first bespoke corset ever.

I wanted to try something a little bit different and not my usual color palette. If you have been following me for a while you can tell that this is a different look for me. The choice of colors and the fit of this corset are just something that looks a little bit like a medieval fairytale. The reason for that choice of design is because growing up I always enjoyed the made for TV Italian series called " Fantaghiro" : The Cave of the Golden Rose starring Alessandra Martines. The show was set in Medieval times and it was probably the first powerful heroine that I have ever looked up to as a kid. I loved the fact that she was brave, feminine, strong, determined and that she would live her life the way she wanted to. I feel like I have a lot in common with this fictious character as I had to overcome a lot obstacles in my life to make my dream of moving to America and pursue an artistic career a reality.



Now that you know a little bit more about the Inspiration behind this bespoke corset, I am going to tell you about how it feels to wear it. I always have that moment of vulnerability whenever I start a new collaboration and ask myself: Will it fit me?

However, the minute I put on my Champagne Corsets piece, my mind was set at ease.

When I first tried on the corset it felt soft and easy to wear, as if it was a part of my body.

I don't consider myself a corset expert as I do not corset train and I enjoy wearing them occasionally.

But I do have a strong appreciation for a well-made corset and I know how it feels when a corset works perfectly for my shape.

What I absolutely love about this custom design by Champagne Corsets is that beautiful enhanced cleavage it gives me and the curve at the very bottom of it. I feel like like my body is framed in a way that I have never experienced before.

Most of the corsets I have worn until now, sort of had the shape of a longer bustier and were almost built in a straight line.

Champagne Corsets makes me feel embraced and free in my corset without feeling imprisoned. Feeling free and having the ability to move is something that I have been looking for in a corset for a long time and that is exactly what I received from

Carol's creation.



All photos by Jason Kamimura Photography.


As always when I decide to partner up with a brand/designer it always stems from a personal and genuine connection to the product that I showcase in my photoshoots. Champagne Corsets embodies that same spirit of celebrating strong women and allowing them to make their dream come true through wonderfully excecuted corsets. I would add that I could feel the love and passion that Carol put into making my corset and it was also beautifully packaged in a Paris themed suitcase. As many of you know by now I am French and born and raised in Paris. When I received my corset and opened the mini suitcase it was in, I felt moved.

I am so honored to be able to wear this design and I hope to wear it for many other occasions to come.


If you would like to take your corset fantasy to the next level and make it a reality, I would suggest checking Champagne Corsets website:

They can also be found on Instagram at:


Thank You for reading as always, Bisous, Jenny.